Meet the Team

When you work with the best people, you get the best results. We work tirelessly to ensure each client is 100% satisfied with every interaction, because that’s what you deserve and we won’t stand for anything less.

Hal Deck



Hal is our fearless leader, an avid Gator fan and a fisherman extraordinaire. Although his expertise stretches far and wide, he specializes in major accounts and purchasing bids, about which he can answer any and all questions. He can also tell you all about snook – which is a fish, I’m told – and, upon request, may show you the Gator shrine otherwise known as his office.

Michelle Gould

General Manager


Michelle manages day-to-day operations, showing off her prowess for poetry with perfect iambic pentameter memorandums. When not waxing giddy over the Latin etymology of “memorandums,” she can be found pouring over financials, crunching numbers and occasionally singing at local haunts. Questions about AP, business operations, unresolved customer issues and the like can be directed her way.

Sandi Saurers

Contract Administrator


Sandi is our resident superhero. She can leap any contract question in a single bound and outwit even the trickiest situation so your contracts can be tailor-fit to your needs. In her past life, she was a vagabond horse-farm manager, living in many of our 52 states in her pursuit of the perfect Arabian. Now she scouts the northern regions of Florida in search of the perfect golf course.

Greg Gantt

Account Representative


Around the office, Greg is best known for being B&B’s one-man-Canes fan club. When he’s not baiting B&B’s Gator fans by walking into the office in full regalia, he’s pairing his clients with elegant document solutions for their organizations. After hours, he’s best known as nail-biting fan of Spain’s Palencia basketball team, where his son is a star player.

Teresa Gray

Service Manager


Teresa is a myth. We say she works here, but she looms larger than a mere mortal. We rarely find her at a desk: cell phone glued to ear, she’s usually a glimpse of an elbow sticking out of a copier or a streak running down the hallway in search of an elusive service bulletin. When she’s not busy putting all things right at B&B, she can be found binge-watching sci-fi movies, overfeeding her ginormous cats or perfecting her golf swing.

Rick Bolwan

Technician & Print Audit Specialist


Some people risk life and limb for their passions: jump out of planes, race motorcycles. Rick falls in this category. (Model planes may not sound high risk, but once Rick shows you his thumb you’ll understand.) Customer care is another of his passions, so don’t be surprised by his high voltage responses to your service concerns.

Richard Jones

Meet Richard: technician, computer whiz and serious movie addict. Mind you, he’s quite selective. The films need to be I-need-a-beer-or-a-frontal-lobotomy-to-get through-this-movie awful, so he and his friends can vamp on them, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Want to impress him? Make an offhand comment about The FP, a movie in which feuding gangs settle their turf wars via a deadly version of Dance Dance Revolution.

Jim Masson



Meet Jim, our in-house inventor and island adventurer. When he’s not traveling the Caribbean or concocting new life forms in his home lab, he’s in the field, applying his Spock-like brain to your service issues. Not to spread rumors, but we’ve heard the new-life-forms thing isn’t going too well, so Jim’s focusing more on technology these days.

Alan Schulte



Think of Alan as the Delphi Oracle of networking: he’s the guy to ask when you need the inspired answer. When he’s not immersed in technology, he contemplates life’s larger mysteries (such as, what it would be like to take part of the first near speed-of-light intergalactic expedition or, if he could only have one book, would it be American Gods or Neverwhere?).  Or perhaps he’s out for a spin on his motorcycle, Coheed and Cambria blasting in his earbuds.

Jerry Stubblefield



Jerry gets all the tough service problems to crack, and he commits himself to doing just that, even if it means working with an engineering department in Japan to do so. When he’s not resolving intransigent service issues, he’s in the throes of one home improvement project or another. What will it be this weekend? Bird houses constructed from PVC pipe? A hand-painted privacy fence?

Greg Miller

You probably know Greg as your go-to person for all things parts and supplies. He also ensures your equipment arrives without a hitch. When he’s not at B&B, you can find him running the table at the Palomino Pool Hall, fishing, or elbow deep in a motor. For a Florida guy, he sure has exotic taste in sports. He roots for the Pittsburgh Penguins (hockey!) and Manchester United, which pretty much gives him a year-round sports fix.

Willie Williams



Willie is our delivery expert. He can lift small buildings without breaking a sweat, so ensuring your office technology arrives without a ding is a snap. When he’s not providing you with top-notch service, look for him at Shands, where he works security, protecting patients and staff, or at church, singing in the choir.


General Manager of Treats

If Grendel had his druthers, he’d change the puppy labor laws so he could be at B&B every day.  Unfortunately, we can’t let him answer phones because he crows like a rooster when excited, which is fairly often, but he tackles other tasks, such as sitting pretty while waiting for treats, playing tug-of-rope with the mail carrier, and stealing pets from just about everyone.  His favorite job is to let out an excited bark or two when a new friend comes through the door.

The Ice Cream Truck


While she may not carry ice cream, she is pretty cool and always delivers some sweet office treats. She’s a Ford Transit with an origami lift gate by Tommy Gate. The inimitable Paris Leaf Design designed with her stylish graphics while the wrap came courtesy of Wrap Pro’s in Ocala. We owe the heart of her interior to the craftspeople at Roger’s Welding on South Main. It took a lot of customization to get her just right, but we’re all about perfection here at B&B.