Peaceful Paths

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Peaceful Paths is a certified domestic abuse network serving survivors of domestic violence in Alachua, Bradford and Union counties. Since 1974, they have provided a wide range of services that include emergency shelter, transitional housing, a crisis hotline, victim advocacy, children’s programming, education and training, counseling and support groups, community awareness and intervention, and violence prevention programs. As a non-profit organization with limited resources, Peaceful Paths needed affordable and dependable equipment to produce their educational and promotional materials in a safe, confidential way that protected the identities of the at-risk families they serve.


At B&B, there is no one-size-fits-all mentality. In the case of Peaceful Paths, we looked at their history and talked with the staff about their needs. We then worked with them to find appropriate solutions, and the savings we generated actually enabled them to forgo leasing options and purchase their own multi-function equipment. Previously, they printed materials at a copy center which created a hefty bill each month. Working with us to use the full capacity of their new equipment, they now print most of their own materials for pennies on the dollar. This means spending less time needing services and less money on monthly bills – ultimately giving Peaceful Paths more time and money to dedicate to their mission.

Trust and confidentiality are of paramount importance to the work that Peaceful Paths does and the ability for victims and survivors to have their privacy protected can be the difference in saving a life. We also assisted them with processes that give them the ability to scan private documents with high security to specific folders or emails that only necessary personnel have access to. This also reduced their environmental footprint, using scanning options instead of printing multiple copies of sensitive documents.


For the team at Peaceful Paths, the money saved on operational costs means more dollars going to community and family services. The staff now has a greater sense of empowerment when it comes to creating and printing their own documents. There’s also a greater sense of confidence in knowing that if there is a problem, one phone call connects them with a real life human being who will work diligently to address their issues. Sometimes the smallest solutions have the largest impact.

“With the expert and ongoing training they provide, B&B has given us solid strategies that save time and money. We know that we are valued and that B&B is always invested in helping us run more efficiently.”